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TrackUrHealth is a mobile app developed by Webguruz Technologies that helps people with various health conditions in tracking their general health, Thal specific tests, vaccinations, medicines, appointments, allergies etc It is designed so as to enable patients, parents, doctors, technicians etc to have full control of their own health and health of their near and dear ones.

Webguruz is a product design & development firm that has developed various useful Apps. This app helps in getting alerts, notifications, generation of reports, sending messages to near and dear ones when in distress. The product design development services provide our users updates on their diet, exercise regime and other conditions.

  • It is highly secure App as all the data is stored in an encrypted form.
  • Trackurhealth provides free access to unlimited information about various conditions like Thalassaemia, UK test standard.
  • This App is also available in a desktop or laptop version. It provides the user full control on the data.
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