How to Nurture Best Culture Code in an Organization?

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An organization is constituted by people from diverse backgrounds. Each individual brings in his/her beliefs or traditions into it. Different employees can be viewed as ‘vectors’ moving in various directions. The objective of the organization is to synergize these diverse forces to achieve a common goal which is the growth of the organization. A culture code provides a common direction to enable the Company to move forward.

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7 Ways to Boost Your Google Insights Mobile Responsiveness Score

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With mobiles being enhanced with new features on a regular basis, the popularity of their usage is only rising. Statistics reveal that mobile usage has exceeded the use of desktop by a huge margin. And, this popularity is only expected to grow with time. Hence, the user experience of a website on a mobile is important. One of the basic needs to satisfy users who browse your website on their mobiles is its loading speed. If a website is slow or an app is clumsy, users will drift away to another site in no time to get the information they require.

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