Food, Fun, and Camraiderie, at the Webguruz Potluck Party!

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When we received a mail from HR department that a “Potluck Party” is scheduled on 13.6.18, there was utter confusion in the office. Many people were not sure what a potluck party meant and those who did know were concerned about how they would cook for 45 employees! And then there were those forced bachelors whose wives had gone to their hometown wondering what they would do!

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Current State and Future of Browser-Based Web Design Applications

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Learn about the current and future trends of Browser-based Web Design Applications. Web designers have been using web browser based applications to enhance the visual elements and the aesthetic portion of a website. These applications have made it convenient for web designers to access numerous features for designing a website online. You can create a user interface and design vector graphics online utilizing these online applications. Moreover, you don’t have to install them on your system. Just open your browser and you can use them online.

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Factors to be Borne in Mind while Selecting an SEO Tool

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Get your website on the first page of Google by implementing a strong SEO strategy and with a careful selection of SEO Tools and get all the attention and visitors. SEO tools help your website throughout its journey from attracting quality traffic, retaining it, getting business from it and making decisions based on the behavior of visitors on your website.

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