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Kanika Saxena
Kanika Saxena is an established content writer working as a Team Lead at Webguruz Technologies. She has proved her mettle as an articulate writer by receiving the Diamond Author badge on Ezine.com. She creates comprehensive content on a variety of topics as per the client’s needs. In addition to this, she also edits the content written by her colleagues at Webguruz.
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Food, Fun, and Camraiderie, at the Webguruz Potluck Party!

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When we received a mail from HR department that a “Potluck Party” is scheduled on 13.6.18, there was utter confusion in the office. Many people were not sure what a potluck party meant and those who did know were concerned about how they would cook for 45 employees! And then there were those forced bachelors whose wives had gone to their hometown wondering what they would do!

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